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Content Warnings

Revelations of His Runaway Bride

Arranged, forced or coerced marriage (by family), death of a parent (past - accident), death of a parent (present – heart disease), discussions of self-harm, descriptions of self-harm (on page), talk of adoption, discussions and recollections of domestic violence (by parent and sibling), discussions of anxiety, panic attack (on page)

Bound as His Business-Deal Bride

Discussions of premature birth and baby death (past), parental infidelity (past), grief, blackmail, family estrangement, pregnancy.

Off-Limits to The Crown Prince

Death of a parent (past - cancer and car accident), parental infidelity (past), animal death (past – car accident), grief, depression, pregnancy.

Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed

Parental alcohol abuse, parental divorce, discussions of dementia, death of a grandfather, discussions of World War II, discussions of loss of family in war, infidelity of past partner, reference to hunting boar, pregnancy.

The Marriage That Made Her Queen

Family death (mother, father, brother in car accident), death of a brother (accident), discussions of school bullying (past), grief and survivor guilt, marriage of convenience, pregnancy.

Engaged to London’s Wildest Billionaire

Family rejection and estrangement, infidelity of past partner, death of past partner (car accident), funeral and wake, arranged marriage, discussions of domestic abuse (secondary character), prescription drug abuse (secondary character), light reference to food shaming, discussion of school bullying, reference to injury and scarring in fencing accident.

Crowned for the King's Secret

Domestic abuse (past), serious injury from accident (past), talk of residual effects from injury (on page), prescription painkiller abuse (past), discussions of fear of harm to pets (past), death of a spouse (past), murder of parents (past and present discussion), grief over loss of family, talk of civil war (past), threats of assassination (present), fears for safety of child (present - on page), break-in by armed intruders (present  - on page), forced removal from country (past and present).

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