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May 2024

Awoken by Revenge

NA cover Awoken by Revenge.jpg

She’s innocent, irresistible…and ruining his revenge! Get swept up in this dramatic enemies-to-lovers romance from Kali Anthony.

All he wants is revenge...until he wants her.

Claiming Easton House will be billionaire Matteo Bainbridge’s revenge on the family that rejected him. Evicting the home’s sole occupant? A minor detail. Then he meets Louisa Cameron and realizes his hunger for her could be the chink in his ruthless plan for vengeance.


Hidden away on the grand estate, innocent Louisa escapes her traumatic childhood by illustrating beautiful fairy-tale realms. Then the outside world intrudes in the form of tycoon Matteo and the astonishing passion he awakens in her. Will surrendering to him destroy her — or set this Cinderella free?

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November 2023

Crowned for the King's Secret


He’ll secure the throne with the heir he’s only just discovered in this royal secret-child romance by Kali Anthony.

She hid his son…can she hide from their desire?

One year ago, her spinetingling night with exiled King Sandro left Victoria pregnant and alone. Lied to by the palace, she believed he wanted nothing to do with them. So, Sandro turning up on her doorstep — ready to claim her, his heir, and his kingdom — is astounding!

Burned by her past, Victoria has no intention of complying with His Majesty’s command. But she’ll need to keep her wits about her, because their insatiable craving once made her abandon all reason. And it’s about to reignite with a vengeance…

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March 2023

Engaged to London's Wildest Billionaire

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This convenient fake relationship romance from Kali Anthony is brimming with drama…and pure inconvenient desire!

In the words of the devil himself:


“Scandal I can do…”

Lance Astill’s debauched reputation is the stuff of tabloid legend. He’s dedicated to rebelling against his strict aristocratic upbringing and has never once shied away from trouble. Until he meets Sara Conrad…

Entertaining thoughts of his attraction to sheltered Sara would be far too reckless. Even for him. Then Sara makes him an impassioned plea to help her escape an arranged wedding, just like the one Lance failed to save his sister from. The playboy’s outlandish solution? Their own headline-making engagement!

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September 2022

The Marriage that made her Queen

NA Cover Sara and Rafe.jpg

Desire revived…at the royal altar! Get swept into the drama of this marriage-of-convenience romance by Kali Anthony.

“I’m asking you to be my husband.”

Her kingdom depends on it! After tragedy strikes, queen-to-be Lise is all alone. To claim her crown, she must wed. And the man she must turn to is the self-made billionaire who made Lise believe in love before he shattered her heart—Rafe De Villiers.

For Rafe, Lise’s on-paper proposal should feel like a victory. He’ll finally silence those who only see his humble roots. Yet suddenly, winning back Lise’s trust seems more important. And he’ll have to secure it if passion is going to be part of their future…

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January 2022

Snowbound in His Billion-Dollar Bed


There’s no escaping their chemistry when the Italian count and the violinist are stranded in this intense forced proximity romance from Kali Anthony!

Outside a snowstorm is raging
Inside the temperature is rising…

Ousted from Italian high society, Count Stefano Moretti has locked himself behind his castle walls. He’s determined to right the wrongs that ruined his family’s name. The arrival of beautiful Lucy Jamieson at his door is a distraction he can’t afford!

Running from heartbreak, violinist Lucy is attempting to return a precious heirloom. Caught in a bitter snowstorm, she’s forced to seek shelter in Stefano’s castle, where she finds herself longing to unravel the truth behind his disgraced reputation…and to discover the searing heat promised in his bed!

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.  

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August 2021

Nominee in the Romance Writers of Australia awards for Romantic Book of the Year - short contemporary romance

Off-Limits to the Crown Prince


What will it take for them to cross the line between forbidden and irresistible? Find out in this delicious royal romance by Kali Anthony!

The greater the risk:
The more thrilling the touch!

Haunted by his father’s scandalous reign, Crown Prince Alessio commissions artist Hannah to depict him as a new kind of ruler. Alessio is instantly enchanted by the innocent, independent beauty who is unlike anyone in his world.

Hannah is far from the perfect princess Alessio’s position demands. After the losses she’s experienced, she guards her heart fiercely. But as the Mediterranean sun melts Hannah’s inhibitions, their dangerous desire grows. How long can they live so passionately in the present when a future together is impossible?


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November 2020

Bound as His Business-Deal Bride


Kali's second book, Bound as His Business-Deal Bride with Harlequin Presents/Mills and Boon Modern, released on
18 November 2020

His revenge will only be complete…
…once she’s wearing his ring!

To save her family’s company, CEO Eve Chevalier must accept a takeover bid from her rival, Gage Caron. She broke off their hidden relationship seven years ago, so she’s fully prepared for him to drive a hard bargain! Only there’s one term that isn’t up for negotiation… Eve must pose as Gage’s fiancée!

Gage needs to rehabilitate his company’s image, and the way he sees it, Eve owes him. The white-hot chemistry that burns amid their passionate charade? That was never meant to be part of the deal…

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June 2020

Revelations of His Runaway Bride


Kali's first book, Revelations of His Runaway Bride with Harlequin Presents/Mills and Boon Modern, released in June 2020

She was ready to flee

Then passion beckoned.

From the moment Thea Lambros is forced to walk down the aisle toward Christo Callas, her only thought is escape. After all, this reluctant bride is a mere pawn in her father’s dangerous game. 


But when coolly brilliant Christo interrupts her getaway, Thea meets her electrifying match. Pairing her resilient spirit with his unwavering strength, her new husband unleashes an unexpected fire within her. Thea feared she was trading one jailer for another. But what if Christo is the man to finally set this caged bird free?

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