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Off-Limits to the Crown Prince

Nominee in the Romance Writers of Australia awards for Romantic Book of the Year - short contemporary romance


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He’ll secure the throne with the heir he’s only just discovered in this royal secret-child romance by Kali Anthony.

She hid his son…can she hide from their desire?


One year ago, her spinetingling night with exiled King Sandro left Victoria pregnant and alone. Lied to by the palace, she believed he wanted nothing to do with them. So, Sandro turning up on her doorstep — ready to claim her, his heir, and his kingdom — is astounding!

Burned by her past, Victoria has no intention of complying with His Majesty’s command. But she’ll need to keep her wits about her, because their insatiable craving once made her abandon all reason. And it’s about to reignite with a vengeance…

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