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Off-Limits to the Crown Prince

Nominee in the Romance Writers of Australia awards for Romantic Book of the Year - short contemporary romance

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She’s innocent, irresistible…and ruining his revenge! Get swept up in this dramatic enemies-to-lovers romance from Kali Anthony.

All he wants is revenge...until he wants her.

Claiming Easton House will be billionaire Matteo Bainbridge’s revenge on the family that rejected him. Evicting the home’s sole occupant? A minor detail. Then he meets Louisa Cameron and realizes his hunger for her could be the chink in his ruthless plan for vengeance.

Hidden away on the grand estate, innocent Louisa escapes her traumatic childhood by illustrating beautiful fairy-tale realms. Then the outside world intrudes in the form of tycoon Matteo and the astonishing passion he awakens in her. Will surrendering to him destroy her — or set this Cinderella free?

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